Creative by any means necessary

Creative by any mediums necessary –delivered with salt and passion.

Ideas originator, communicator, dot-connector, and learning enthusiast currently pursuing a Master's degree in Sustainable Design to use her craft as a tool to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs and ambitions.

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I AM A millennial, in a no shame manner, my optimism is showing.  Eternally grasping at all curiosities to bring creativity to purpose. Dot-connector. Fast thinker. Ideas communicator. Efficiency enthusiast. Inquisitive. Kind. Intellectual ironically.

I STRIVE To put great products, services, and experiences into the world to enhance the quality of life. To one day build my idea into a business that will make a contribution.

I DO Crave constant information absorption. Find a way to make it happen. Lead by example and genuinely try to give a sh!t. Listen more than I speak.

I BELIEVE Community will always thrive no matter how big the hive. Once one loop is closed possibilities for another are opened. Everything is connected. Prosperity comes from positivity. Solutions are found through strokes forward –not treading water. Relevance is never redundant. Passion is project and project is passion otherwise, what are you doing? Hard work is hard; that’s what makes it satisfying. Everyone’s opinions have value, but if you do not agree then you are at the wrong party; good thing there is a whole block to find your flock.





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